Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday Nail Art

Since this hobby is still new for me, and I picked it up right before Christmas, I ended doing some of my first designs for some of my family for the holiday season. I painted my mother's toes, my sister's and my oldest daughter's (and my own, of course!). I feel like I picked up on it pretty quickly. I was able to do several designs that came out pretty good. Although I know as long as I keep practicing, I will continue to improve, I was surprised to see how well they came out for being a first timer. This is a whole new venture for me. I have never done nails or nail art before. I never had really kept up on my own nails...I admit, I am a biter! So to pick up such a hobby seems almost opposite of what someone like me would do, but I am also a creative person. I love all sorts of arts and crafts and have my kids do them as well. I consider nail art my adult "craft" and something I can really have fun with and feel good afterward. 

This is my sister's thumb nail. I did a snowman scene type. I used a base coat, then coated the nail in a metallic silver polish(Wet & Wild). After that dried, I painted on a french manicure white tip (ArtClub Nail Lacquer-White). After the tip was painted white, I made little dots all over the nail (to signify falling snow). Then off one side of the nail, I drew a large circle on top the nail tip, as the snowman's bottom and a smaller circle on top for his head. then drag a small line away from the snowman's body, as a waving arm. After the snowman dried, maybe 4 minutes, I used a red nail polish pen (I Used Migi Nail Art pens) and went across the snowman's neck with red for a scarf and made two little dots, one on the end of his arm, as his mittens. Red is the color I chose but any color that would stand out against white would work fine. After the scarf and mittens, I used a black toothpick to dot black dots for his eyes and a series of dots for his smile. After the design was complete, I sealed with top coat(ArtClub). This design stayed for over a week and still looked nice. Also, it was easy to identify and came out looking cute. The picture is kind of blurry but still shows the design clearly.  So that was a little easier I guess and didn't come out perfect, but hey, it was one of my first ones! Anyways, onto the next!

Another Christmas/holiday design. This is a gift box design. The colors can be switched and used for any holiday, birthday, or occasion but I used these colors because it was for Christmas! I, again, started with a base coat. Then I used a gold glitter nail polish(not sure of the brand) and painted the entire nail in gold. After that dried, I painted two red lines using a fine precision brush and some red nail polish(ArtClub Nail Lacquer-Red). One line went across the nail horizontally, a little further away from the tip than the french tip would go and another line vertically. The vertical line isn't in the middle, just slightly off to the side(either side is okay). After those dried, I used a darker red glitter nail polish (ArtClubs Nail Lacquer-Red Glitter) and made a larger red dot where the lighter red lines meet. It may be kind of hard to see in the photo but if you look closely, you can see the darker red area in the middle. After applying the dark red dot and allowing it to set for a minute, I then drew on two small green ovals (ArtClub Nail Lacquer-Green) off to the side of the "ribbon" and filled them in. Those became the leave to the holly that was the dark red dot. After the design was done, I used top coat to seal. This was very easy and quick to do. Also came out looking very nice. 

I have more Holiday Art and will include those in another post. Please leave me any comments or question you may have and thanks for reading!

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