Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just a Bit Fruity

  I did a few fruit nails. Very simple designs. I think the cherries came out looking the best of the three. It almost looks like a stencil, and I did all 3 freehand.

 For the bananas, I started with the center banana. I drew the outline in black. Once the center one was in place I outlined two more bananas in black, one on each side of the center banana. Then, I drew a black line down the center of the top banana and the middle banana, to add depth. Once the black dried a little, I colored in the black outlines with yellow, making sure ot to cover my center black lines in the two bananas.
 The cherries were easy and came out nice. First, I did a small but complete circle in red toward the tip of the nail and toward the middle. Then I did an almost full circle in red next to the first red circle. Then I drew some green lines for the stems and made a little leaf and I was done. Very clean and cute.

The strawberry is a bit rough. I started with the black outline, but it was too thick of an outline. Instead of fixing it, I just continued. I filled in the outline with a red colored polish and then added little red oval shaped dots n top of the red, to simulate the seeds. hen I used green to do the green top. I think I could have done better with this but it wasn't too bad I guess. So that's it for the fruit for now. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and please comment!

First Attempt at Freehand Disney Characters- Walt Would be disappointed, lol

 So I had tried to do a few Disney characters, considering their popularity and that I am around 4 kids daily, this seemed like a cute option. As you can see, some came ok, while others....not so much.
 This is Mike, from Monsters Inc. I think he came out pretty good, but he is also pretty easy. An odd looking green circle with stick-like green arms and legs. Add a white dot in the middle for his eye, blue dot inside that. I used black and made a crescent moon type shape in black as his mouth. I added a few white teeth, spaced apart and Mike was done! Like I said, pretty easy.
 Minnie was a bit more difficult but I think she came out pretty good too. I started with the black shapes for her head, neck and ears. Minnie took more time because she had to be done in stages. I had to wait for certain polishes to dry because her design requires layers. Once the black dried, I used a natural or beige type color for her face. I used a hot pink to draw out her dress and ow. I added white to her dress and little black to the bow.
 I used white to make eyeballs and black for the inside of the eyes. I also used black for her nose and outline of her mouth. Then I used red to make a little tongue and added a light pink to the rest of the inside of her mouth. I added a few pink star-like shapes, one above her head and off to the side of the nail. Came out ok, not wonderful but not terrible.
 These two I was not so happy with, the Winnie the Pooh characters. Pooh looks terrible! I think I got his shape wrong and I messed his face up big time. I went in a tried to fix his mouth and ended up with a bigger disaster.

 I think that this shows potential....meaning that with more practice, I might be able to eventually do it better, lol. This is just not anything like I was envisioning so I am disappointed with it.

I am not as mad about piglet. I think there is definitely room for improvement but I also think he looks pretty decent. This is actually a likeness and even kind of looks like piglet. I will not describe how I created Pooh or Piglet because of their quality. Once I can get the design down better and have a nicer one for you guys to enjoy or replicate, I will post it with a tutorial. So between all other designs, and other aspects of life, I will try to work on better versions of these and other characters! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and please feel free to comment or respond!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Acrylic French Tips with Rhinestone Flowers

 So, last night I decided to give myself a full-on set of acrylic french tips. I don't really mess with acrylics too much and this was first time doing it full-on. I was actually pretty happy with the results. For a first-timer with the acrylic, I think I did well. Once the french tips were done, They looked good....but plain. So I wanted to add a little something but I didn't have a whole lot of time so painting was out of the question. I decided to go with some good old rhinestones. Quick and easy to apply and look very nice. I decided to do a flower of rhinestones on my thumb and ring finger and do a smaller heart with red dots on the pointer, middle, and pinkie fingers. First, I started with the flowers. I used 6 red oval rhinestones(teardrops or diamond could work too) for the petals and a silver circle rhinestone for the middle. I added 4 pink rhinestones coming away from the flower, curving toward the cuticle a little. I used another pink and put it at the tip of the nail, close to the middle. The thumb nail is pictured below.

 For the other fingers, I used a pink heart rhinestone, which  placed off to the side, very close to the edge of the tip and added 4 little red dots(not rhinestones but tiny decals) starting at the heart and curving upward, as seen in the picture to the left.

 Here a few extra pics of the design. Very quick and easy once the acrylic once finished. I had to do this fast and was able to make it look pretty good. Please comment, or respond with an interpretation. I would love to see some other rhinestone designs or other french manicure ideas. This could be for Valentine's Day too, I suppose but it wasn't really what I had in mind while doing it. Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you liked it and give it a try!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rhinestoned Tips/Valentine's Day Design

 Another Valentine's Day design! I really didn't have a vision in mind when I started this, I just let it come to me...I guess, lol. I am almost hearted out with all the Valentine's Day designs but here it is anyway.

 First, I started with a red base and I used China Glaze- Bing Cherry for the base. I only had to do one coat, but I made sure it was a little thick of a coat.

Then I used China Glaze-White Out and did the white tip, as shown below.

 Once the white tips were dry, I used KISS nail paint-Bikini Pink and made a diagonal line from the corner of the white to the top of the red.
 The hearts are a bit rough. Definitely not the best but they work. I did the pink hearts in China Glaze- I Wanna Lei Ya.
 Once all the colors were mostly dry, I used light pink rhinestones for my pointer finger, middle finger and pinkie finger. I placed the rhinestones where the red and white areas meet, and spaced them apart just a little. For the ring finger and thumb, I used red rhinestones. On the ring finger and thumb, I also used 3 silver rhinestones and placed them around the heart on the nail.

 Here is a pic of my thumb. Not too bad, but not super great either. I am still learning, but this was fun to do.
Hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to comment or ask any questions. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My First Blog Award!

I am extremely happy and grateful to announce that I received my first blogging award! All of my thanks goes to Colorful Bottle's Blog. What a sweetheart for giving me this honor! If you haven't seen her page, check it out!

                                                      The Stylish Blogger Award
The Rules of this award:
1. Thank and link the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers to tell them about this award

So the next thing is 7 things about myself to share with here it goes!

1. I love being organized. Some might even say I am a "neat freak" but I thrive on organization.

2. I have a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children. They make my life so enriched.

3. I have never had any interest in nail art or even polish up until a few months ago! Now, I can't stop!

4. I absolutely love rock music. I like almost all types of music except country.

5. Lived in Cleveland, Ohio my whole life and soon will be moving to Phoenix, Arizona (quite a difference)

6. I am currently in school for my BA majoring in Criminal Justice.

7. I just begun this blog but I cannot wait to keep going and see what else I can do!!

The 15 Bloggers I have recently discovered and would like to extend this award to are as listed below(some of the bloggers are not new bloggers, but they are new to my eyes!)

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All of these blogs have really interesting very unique designs, be sure to check them out!! Thanks again to Colorful Bottle for this great award and I cannot wait to live up to the name! This is still the beginning and I hope to share a lot more amazing designs!!!

Stripes, Hearts, and Rhinestones/Valentine's Day Nail Design

 I can't help but overindulge the romantic "holiday", since I think that pretty nails are romantic in themselves. I did another Valentine's Day design, using a few rhinestones and small heart decals. Sorry the pictures are not better quality but I hope you can still see it well. This is the design to did to my own nails tonight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               First, I started with a regular white, french manicure. I used China Glaze-White Out, as shown in the picture below. After the white was applied, I used Kiss Nail Art paint-Bikini Pink, and made a stripe along the white part, as shown in the picture below and to the right.                                                                                                                              

 After the pink, i used Art Club's Red Striper lacquer and made a red line across the pink but curved outward toward the edge of the nail, which is pictured above and below to the left. After the red, I used a lighter pink color(blank bottle-Lilac Silk) and did the same that I did with the red but on the opposite side, going inward toward the nail. It is a little harder to see because the pink is lighter and my poor quality photos but you can sort of see those lines in the picture below and to the right.
 Again, it is hard to see but once my paints were mostly dry, I used a pink heart-shaped rhinestone and added that at the very edge of where all three colors meet, in the middle of the colors. Next to the heart but a little lower, I added another heart but the second one is a purple decal heart, as shown in the picture below.(again, i know these pictures are not so great)
 On the ring finger and thumb, I added 2 silver rhinestones, 2 red, then two pink in a small curved lie towards the cuticle area. After the last few pieces, I added two layers of top coat, just in case and Ta-Da! This was not very time-consuming at all and a very nice, stylish choices for Valentine's Day. Hope you like it and thanks for reading! Please comment or reply!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White Pawprints Nail Design

 I did this design petty randomly the other night. I saw a different but similar design in a catalog and decided to do an interpretation on that. I also have been doing a lot of Valentine's Day designs so this was a little break. I started with an all black base coat. I used Midnight Magic by CoverGirl because it is a very shimmery and light black. I did two coats to give it a darker color but I still like the color even with 1 coat.
 The pawprints are as easy as they look. I used ArtClub's white lacquer and did larger, oblong circles with 4 tiny dots above it. This creates the pawprint. I did another on the right just slightly higher. Looking at it after, I wish I would have put the second one a little higher, to give the look of the pawprints walking across the nail.
 The picture above shows the fourth pawprint I started.
 On the edges of the nail, I did half off the nail. I think this made it look more like real animal tracks.
 The left side is above and the right side is below. Very easy to do, very fast. The colors can always be switched to make it a bit funkier or to just add color. Hope you liked it! Leave comments or questions! Thanks for reading!~

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Heart Manicure

 I did this to my own nails last night. I did a dark red french tip with Mauve Frost by Wet & Wild. Then I drew a large heart on each nail. On the left hand, the hearts were off to the right side and on the right hand, the harts were off to the left.
 I used a white Migi nail pen for the heart and then put little dots going along the edge of the red. After all the paint was placed, I used silver rhinestones for my thumb and ring fingers, adding them to the to of the nail, opposite side of the heart. Then I used pink rhinestones and did th rest of my fingers the same way. I was really happy wit the way they came out, very cute!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Funky Pink French Tip with Heart/Valetine's Day Nail Design

This is a very easy to do design and can be done very quickly and in many different color combinations, just use the colors you like best. I am still working on different designs for Valentine's Day, since it is coming up so I used Valentine's Day colors.I started with a regular french manicured tip. I think for many designs, it makes it easier having the french tip on there. It me a better idea of space or helps me get as close to the exact middle as possible. Anyway, I used my hot pink polish (Sally Hansen-Bikini Pink), and drew diagonal lines on each side of the nail that met in the middle and top of french tip. Then I filled in that area with the same pink color.The pictures above and below show the pink area.
Then I used my red polish(ArtClub-red) and created a heart in the area the pink surrounded. If you shape the pink right, the middle makes the perfect bottom of a heart when you fill it in. The pictures above and below show the red heart I placed in the middle of the pink.

I grabbed my Migi nail polish pen, white color, and placed small little dots all along the edge of the pink on each side of the heart. The pictures to the left show the little white dots. I think this is a very simplistic but adorable design. I was happy with the way it looked. It kind of looks plain but I didn't want to add anything and ruin the cute look. Hope you like it and give it a try. If you try it, please take pictures or feel free to leave comments!