Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rhinestoned Tips/Valentine's Day Design

 Another Valentine's Day design! I really didn't have a vision in mind when I started this, I just let it come to me...I guess, lol. I am almost hearted out with all the Valentine's Day designs but here it is anyway.

 First, I started with a red base and I used China Glaze- Bing Cherry for the base. I only had to do one coat, but I made sure it was a little thick of a coat.

Then I used China Glaze-White Out and did the white tip, as shown below.

 Once the white tips were dry, I used KISS nail paint-Bikini Pink and made a diagonal line from the corner of the white to the top of the red.
 The hearts are a bit rough. Definitely not the best but they work. I did the pink hearts in China Glaze- I Wanna Lei Ya.
 Once all the colors were mostly dry, I used light pink rhinestones for my pointer finger, middle finger and pinkie finger. I placed the rhinestones where the red and white areas meet, and spaced them apart just a little. For the ring finger and thumb, I used red rhinestones. On the ring finger and thumb, I also used 3 silver rhinestones and placed them around the heart on the nail.

 Here is a pic of my thumb. Not too bad, but not super great either. I am still learning, but this was fun to do.
Hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to comment or ask any questions. Thanks for reading!

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