Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White Pawprints Nail Design

 I did this design petty randomly the other night. I saw a different but similar design in a catalog and decided to do an interpretation on that. I also have been doing a lot of Valentine's Day designs so this was a little break. I started with an all black base coat. I used Midnight Magic by CoverGirl because it is a very shimmery and light black. I did two coats to give it a darker color but I still like the color even with 1 coat.
 The pawprints are as easy as they look. I used ArtClub's white lacquer and did larger, oblong circles with 4 tiny dots above it. This creates the pawprint. I did another on the right just slightly higher. Looking at it after, I wish I would have put the second one a little higher, to give the look of the pawprints walking across the nail.
 The picture above shows the fourth pawprint I started.
 On the edges of the nail, I did half off the nail. I think this made it look more like real animal tracks.
 The left side is above and the right side is below. Very easy to do, very fast. The colors can always be switched to make it a bit funkier or to just add color. Hope you liked it! Leave comments or questions! Thanks for reading!~


  1. Nice tutorial. I really have to try it one day =)

    You have an award waiting on my blog =)