Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just a Bit Fruity

  I did a few fruit nails. Very simple designs. I think the cherries came out looking the best of the three. It almost looks like a stencil, and I did all 3 freehand.

 For the bananas, I started with the center banana. I drew the outline in black. Once the center one was in place I outlined two more bananas in black, one on each side of the center banana. Then, I drew a black line down the center of the top banana and the middle banana, to add depth. Once the black dried a little, I colored in the black outlines with yellow, making sure ot to cover my center black lines in the two bananas.
 The cherries were easy and came out nice. First, I did a small but complete circle in red toward the tip of the nail and toward the middle. Then I did an almost full circle in red next to the first red circle. Then I drew some green lines for the stems and made a little leaf and I was done. Very clean and cute.

The strawberry is a bit rough. I started with the black outline, but it was too thick of an outline. Instead of fixing it, I just continued. I filled in the outline with a red colored polish and then added little red oval shaped dots n top of the red, to simulate the seeds. hen I used green to do the green top. I think I could have done better with this but it wasn't too bad I guess. So that's it for the fruit for now. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and please comment!


  1. nice design! you should do more of them, with other fruits :)