Friday, February 4, 2011

Just a Bit Fruity- Part 2

 More fruit coming at ya! I am sticking with the more traditional and easy to recognize fruit. This set is grapes, watermelon slice, apple, and another version of a strawberry. I was unhappy with the way my last strawberry looked and decided to try a different way of doing it.

 I used two different color purple polished for the bunches of grapes and a green polish for the stem. They looked very cute I think. I used the dark purple color and made larger dots and used the lighter purple to fill in the naked areas with smaller dots.

 The apple was pretty easy, as it looks. I used a red polish to create the shape, just making sure to curve the top and bottom a bit to give it that apple shape we all recognize. I used a brown polish for the stem and a added a small green leaf to accent the apple.

 My second attempt at the strawberry came out better than the first. The first time I tried drawing a whole strawberry on the nail and this time I turned the whole nail into the strawberry. I used a red base colors, added green at the bottom by the cuticle area of the nail, to create the green top of the strawberry. Then I used a black polish a made small little oblong type dots in odd places all over the red area. Very simple very cute.

 I think this was one of my favorite from this set. This is the watermelon slice, which again is the whole nail. I think it came out very cute and I was pleased with the results. I used a dark green for a small curved area around the cuticle. Next to the dark green, I added a thinner line of a lighter green, but curving the same way. After the greens, I used a light pink and made a curved area next to the light green. Then I finished the rest of the nail with a red colored polish. After the colors dried, I used a black polish and create small "seeds" all over the red and pink areas.

Which was your favorite? Is there another fruit you would like to see or another way of doing some of these fruits? I cannot wait to see what everyone thinks and if anyone has any other ideas! Thanks for reading and I hope you liked these designs! Please let me know if you have any requests, questions, or comments.


  1. nice :) I like the grapes, the nail art came out really good :P

  2. wow, great job :-)
    i love strawberries the best, my favorite fruits :-)
    and santa nails...i love it :-)

  3. aww, thank you! I appreciate the comments very much!