Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Short Pink Fishnet Nails

 I didn't realize how terrible my lighting was so I am sorry the first two pictures aren't so good. I did a tutorial on the black and pink fishnet design and decided to do it on my natural nails. My natural nails are kind of short ,because lately I have been doing a lot of fake and acrylic nails so I decided to give my nails a rest from all the adhesives. I cleaned them up and let them breathe for like a day then did this design. Again, my natural nails are kind of short, so this shows that this design can work for any nail length.

So this is currently what my nails are sporting...what design are you currently showing off? I may redo them over the next few days (I love painting them and trying to find new designs!) Hope you enjoyed reading, and please leave comments or questions below! Thanks for stopping by!

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