Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kiss Me-Hershey Kiss/Valentine's Day Nail Design

This was a design that  I decided to do pretty randomly. I didn't even have an exact plan, I just figured it out as I went, haha. My hubby and I were shopping recently and I passed a Valentine's Day section in the store that has a shirt with a Hershey's Kiss on it and I decided that might be a cute Valentine's Day nail design. Here is my interpretation of the shirt I saw.

First I started with an all pink base coat on the nail. I used my most common pink which is Lilac Silk. I did 2 coats to give it a rich pink color, because this pink is actually kind of light. Once the pink dried, I used a Migi nail pen with white polish and wrote the word KISS diagonally across the nail from the left side to the right. The picture below shows where I wrote it on the nail. It is definitely not my best work, looks kind of sloppy, but hey it was a first attempt!

 Now the decal I used for the Hershey's Kiss, I actually made it! I had seen a tip on a nail video awhile back that you can use your nail polish to make your own nail stickers/decals. You use a Ziploc plastic bag. I taped mine to a piece of cardstock, to keep it taut and stable. Once the bag was taped in place, I used my silver polish and created the Kiss, then used my white to add the tag and put some blue on the white to act as the lettering. You have to put the polish on the design pretty generously. After it dries, I left it to dry overnight, I used a nail, or tweezers, to very carefully peel it off the bag. You can do many different stickers this way. I have also done hearts and bows. It worked great and the result is the Kiss you see on the nail!

 I thought that it still looked plain after adding the Kiss, so I decided to add the word ME underneath KISS in red. I used a Migi pen again for this and wrote ME. Then I used the same red pen and created little red dots all around the design and words, all over the nail.

 A few different views of the nail.

 I also decided to add white dots all over to help compliment the red, since red and white were the colors used for the words. But honestly, once I added the white dots, I was disappointed. I think it looked better with only the red dots, the white may have been a step too far. I think both ways can be cute but it looks a little more cluttered than I wanted. Either way, the finished product is below. Great for Valentine's Day and I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment or show of your designs!


  1. This is just too cute!! I love all of your designs - you are very creative! You may or may not know this but there should be a Macro setting on your camera - that helps when taking pics of small detailed items - most of the time the setting with have a picture of a little flower on it. :)

  2. Thanks you so much for your lovely comments and the great tip. I am going to try that for my next set of pics!