Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Funky Valentine/Nail design

 A really funky and different but cute Valentine's Day nail design. First, I started with a regular french manicured white tip. I used red polish)fire engine red) to draw a diagonal red line across half the nail, then filled in that corner with the red polish, as shown in the picture below.

After the red was in place, I used some regular black polish (ArtClub-black) and first I traced the edge of the red with the black. Then I did three similar diagonal black lines going up the left side of the nail, spaced apart.

Once the black lines were on the nail, I used white polish(ArtClub-white) and followed each black line with a white line, as shown in the picture below.
Once the lines were on, I painted the middle part of the french tip pink. So we have the red corner with a black line and right on the other side of the black line is where I used the light pink polish (Lilac Silk). I only used the pink between the black lines in the middle, as shown in the picture below and to the left. After the pink, I decided to add silver lines where I had already added the white and black. I used a silver glitter polish(ArtClub-silver glitter) and made lines following the diagonal lines on the left side of the nail. I put the silver lines right next to the white line. This is shown in the picture below and to the right.
Then I went in with my gold glitter polish (Also ArtClub) and only did two lines on the opposite side of the silver. So we have black line, white line, silver then gold for the first two line segments. You could put gold on the very end of the the nail, I just didn't. There was little room and I like the way it looks like this too.