Monday, January 10, 2011

Cute Valentine's Day Heart Nails

 I didn't take pictures of the beginning because I guess I just wasn't thinking! But I started this design with a Black base coat of polish (CoverGirl's Midnight Magic) and painted a pink french tip with Lilac Silk pink polish. Then I used a Migi nail pen, white polish, and drew a heart below the pink tip.

 Once the white heart was drawn, I used the red Migi nail pen and drew a smaller heart under the big white heart. Sorry that the above picture is blurry, you can see the red heart better in the picture below.
 After both hearts were in place, I used the red pen first and made small dots all over the nail, only in the black areas. Then I used the white pen and did the same thing, put little white dots all around the hearts in the black areas
 Here are two picture of the final product. This is very simple and cute. It is a really good choice for Valentine's Day, I think, because of the color combination. Let me know if you like it, or have a variation on it~ I would love to see other ideas or interpretations!

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