Friday, January 7, 2011

Pink & Black Fishnet Nail Design/Valentine's Day design

This is a design I think is super adorable. It works for the big V-Day or for any occasion. It's a very girly type of design but still clean looking, which I like a lot. It also gives a little modern spin on the french tip with having a black tip and pink base. Anyways, onto the tutorial!

First, I started with painted the entire nail a light pink color, but because I wanted a deeper pink color(Lilac Silk) on the nail, I did 2 decently thick coats. After the pink dried a little, I painted the tip in a french manicure style with Black polish(CoverGirl Midnight Magic). I did the black in 2 coats too to also get a deep, rich color. After the tip was dry, I used the black polish and a precision fine tipped brush to draw lines diagonally from the black tip to the nail top, as seen in the pictures.

 After the first set of lines dried for a minute or two, I drew on the second set of lines, going diagonally from the opposite direction the first set of lines went, as shown in the picture above.
 Them I used some silver glitter polish and a precision brush to put small silver glitter dots at each cross section of black, or each area where the two black lines met.
 It is a little hard to see but the silver dots are right on the areas where the black lines meet. The final product looks very nice and can be worn in many different styles. Even change the colors for a different look! Leave any comments, questions or tips! Thanks for reading!

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