Friday, January 7, 2011

Pink Tip/ White Heart Design-Valentine's Day Design

 Here is another Valentine's design. Again, this design can be used for other occasions but it seems to fit Valentine's Day nicely. I started with a lighter pink french manicure tip (I used Lilac Silk #129). After the pink tip was dry and set, I used a white Migi nail pen and drew a small white heart onto the bottom right side, in the pink area. I then used my fine tipped precision brush with ArtClub's white nail lacquer and drew two random lines, one on each side of the heart. After the lines were in place, I used my white pen again and made little dots all over the pink area, around the lines and heart.
 After the dots were all over the pink, I made small dots going up the left side of the nail, past the pink area toward the cuticle. I only did those dots on the left side, to add a little dimension to the nail. The last picture of the dotted side is kind of blurry and I apologize. Easy to do, simple idea, and a cute end result. Try this for Valentine's Day or any other day!

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