Friday, January 7, 2011

Simple Bow nail Design/valentine's Day Design

 Again, the pictures don't do the design justice, because of the quality. Sorry they are blurry but hopefully you can see the design clearly! This is another design that can be used anytime, romantic occasions, or Valentine's Day.

First, I used red polish and did the French manicure style on the tip (#94-Fire Engine Red). Then I did two giant loops in the red area(using Migi Nail pens-white), near the center of the nail and the top of the red area. Once I had the loops drawn, I filled them ALMOST all the way, I left a bit in the middle for the ribbon loops to look realistic. Then i drew two lines coming from the loops down the red until the tip. These white lines create the hanging ribbon as seen in the picture. Once those were in place and I think I even let it dry for like 2 or 3 minutes, i did little dots along the edge of the red area on each side of the bow. End it with some top coat, and we are done! This was another simple but nice looking design. As my blog continues and I do more designs, I will post more pics of while I am doing the design and have more detailed tutorials. These are designs I had created and took pictures of before I decided to do this blog so I apologize if the tutorials are hard follow. I will have better ones up asap!

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