Friday, January 7, 2011

Easy Valentine's Day Nail Design w/ Heart

 This is another easy design and it's for valentine's Day. I painted burgundy reddish color(I used Wet & Wild's Mauve Forest) on the tip of the nail, French manicure style. After that dried, I used the Migi nail pen, color white, to draw on a small heart off center. You can put it in the middle but I put mine off to the side just slightly of the center. After the heart was in place, I used the same white pen and made little dots going along the red tip, on opposite sides of the heart, so they look like tiny pearls on each side of the heart. After that dried, I used a silver Migi nail pen to outline the heart, to make it pop a bit more. It is a little sloppy but the design is nice, just simple and can be used for more than just Valentine's Day. I included a few more pics of the nail to get a nice scope of the design. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I plan to treat myself to a better camera as soon as I can!

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