Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random French Manicure/Flower Design

So this is what I did after Christmas passed while on down time in between holidays. Christmas is over and Valentine's isn't here French Manicure it is! lol So I started by doing a regular French manicure tip on my big toe nail. I cheated on this and used a flower nail decal. It was a decal from a filo cane(i bought the decal pre-sliced but you can buy entire filo canes too). I added some top coat to my nail and placed the flower. i then used 4 small rhinestone pieces, although you can only see 3 in the pic. I put them in a small cluster next to the flower. The color for the rhinestones I used were dark purple, yellow, red, and pink. After those were in place, I used more top coat to seal. I used the same rhinestones and design on my smaller toes, without flowers. I didn't have enough space for the flowers on my smaller toes so I just replicated the rhinestone design and it came out nice. I also ended up painted small green leaves onto my nail, coming off the flower, but that is not shown in this picture(I did it the next day). After the leaves were painted on, I sealed it again with top coat and was finished. This was an easy way out, I usually try to paint everything but there still looked nice and kind of professional. Hope you enjoy!

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