Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Nails!

 The first nail is the King of Hearts, second nail is the Flamingo used to play croquet with, the third is one of the singing flowers, the fourth is the caterpillar and the fifth is one of the Ace of Hearts playing cards.

I recently did a set of nails that was inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland for a nail art contest. And the movie I am most fond of is the cartoon animated version from 1951. That is the one I grew up with. I give Johnny Depp and the rest of the cast credit for a job well done but I have to stick with what I know. Anyway, onto some pics of the nails I did and a video included of briefly how I created the designs. I am currently in the process of moving to a new state! While I will try to post and check in as much as I possibly can, I may be absent for the next week or 2, in order to have a smooth transition into my new home. Hope you enjoyed this design and please stick with me because I will be back to normal in a few weeks! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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