Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cute/Kawaii Pumpkin Nail Art with Video Tutorial!

Halloween is coming fast and I can't help but try to think of new and fun nail art! I am so used to trying to do scary and gross that i thought I might try something cute for a nice change for this holiday.

I decided to do some really cute/Kawaii pumpkins, with cute black beady eyes and some pink rosy cheeks! They really do look so cute and for having a Halloween theme, they are bright and vibrant rather than dark and dreary.

I really think these are a cute option if you don't want to get too creepy or gross for Halloween. I am going as the Queen of Hearts, so I still have to decide how to match my nails to the costume!

Here the tutorial on how I did this super easy and cute design! What do you think? Any Halloween plans for your nails this year?

Just goes to show that halloween nails don't always have to look like they came right from a horror movie! What do you think about "cute" Halloween nails?


  1. This is by far the cutest Halloween nails I have seen!! Haha super awesomely cute and I love the smiley pumpkin. Thanks for the tutorials <3

  2. Aww, thank you! I truly appreciate the sweet comment! :-)