Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Kid's Towel "Rack" using Command Hooks

You can only go into the bathroom so many times and see towels everywhere before you get fed up! Anyone who has kids will probably know that feeling. All 3 of my kids seem to forget that our towel rack even exists! Honestly, I am lucky if it even stays in the bathroom...sometimes I find them down the hall, in a bedroom, or wherever they randomly tossed it after drying themselves. It gets almost ridiculous, especially since none of my children are babies anymore.

I decided that something had to be done to make it easier, more efficient, more practical for the kids, AND maybe even a bit prettier. And I came up with a quick and easy solution! My newest favorite product right now is the 3MM Command Hooks. They come in all different styles and sizes to hang all different things without hurting your walls or busting out any tools. I have no problem using a drill or hammer but honestly, my life is easier when jobs can get done without them.

But the hooks alone in the bathroom are rather dull...Efficient, easy, and practical (as I wanted) but not really any excitement. So my solution? I grabbed 3 thin wood plaques from Walmart for .97 cents each. They were just plain with a light wood color, but I saw potential! I painted each plaque with a different color, using acrylic paint. I used a light pink, dark pink, and a vibrant blue to lay a colored base on each plaque.

Then I used one of my best and favorite resources.. Google! And I looked up letters in different fonts. I printed each child's initial in a larger size and cut it out and used it as a stencil. My letters were A, L, and J. Both my daughters names begin with A but my middle daughter (Alexandria) goes by Lex or Lexi and we didn't want any confusion with the same letters so we used L for her instead of A. Each letter was colored in using different colors to stand out on the base color. After the letters were in place, I used some glitter and went over the girls' initials with it because most girl loves things that sparkle! Even with the letters, I still felt they need some type of accent or pop so I added a little picture on each plaque. I painted flowers for my first daughter, a butterfly for my second daughter, and a car for my son.

I made sure to measure and mark so the plaques were an equal distance apart from each other and all at the same height. Once I had the plaques on the wall, I mounted the Command hooks right below them. The best part about this, besides how adorable the plaques, is that each kid is excited to have their own hook AND they can easily reach it. Now they are excited to put their towels up, they admire their initial and know which hook is theirs. There is no fighting about it and it even adds a nice pop of color to the bathroom!

What do you guys think? Have you used these Command hooks in your bathroom or house yet? How about the personalized plaques, cool right?! Anymore ideas on how or where to use them? I will have additional posts on places I stuck these nifty hooks! :-)

 Are these cute and practical or what?! :-)



  1. Oh that is so cute! I would definitely want to make this for my own home :D

    1. Thank you! They really look so cute on the walls and my kids love hanging their towels up! It is such a win-win project! :-)