Monday, November 19, 2012

Inside My Home Management Binder- All the printables that help keep me organized! (Christmas included!)- Part 2 of 2

In a previous post, I had shown how i created some different home management binders using regular black binders, some homemade print-outs and some mod podge! Now I will show you what I put on the INSIDE of my binder!

This binder can be edited as things at my home or with my family change, which is the beauty of this project. You can change, add, or take away things that apply/don't apply to your life or family. Tons of different sites out there offer many different and free printables to make home organizing easy! Depending on what printable you need, they can also be super easy to make! Let's get right into it!

Morning and Evening Checklists can help structure your day and ensure a good scheduling
 A quick cheat-sheet for birthdays and anniversaries can make it easier to "remember" everyone's birthday and anniversaries, great for growing families!
 Master checklist allows you to keep track of any home or family projects you intend to accomplish has some great printables for overall home organizing! The 3 printables above were ones I retrieved from here and there are a ton more for all different wants or needs!

The above monthly bill organizer is one that I made. I wanted something simple and with just the right amount of info and I found it hard to find one that was fitting my idea. I made this one very easily by creating a table in Word, then adding my labels to the top of each column. If you are interested in THIS monthly bill printable, simply comment below (preferably with an email) and I will be happy to email you it!

Christmas printables are equally awesome! Having 3 kids, I try to do up the holidays as much as possible and these printables are going to make every year from now on easier.

A baking planner to organize recipes used every Christmas! I make homemade hot cocoa AND homemade orange shortbread every Christmas, so those recipes went in here :-)

Specific family traditions can be also neatly organized with this printable, allowing you to never forget about certain things that are important to you and prepare for them a little easier

Keeping track of Christmas decor can be a snap with this checklist. It enables you to check off things you have and jot down things you need. I also plan on using the lines next to each item to specific which bin it's in, to make it easier to organize and find all my Christmas decorations!

A very simple Christmas gift checklist. Write down who you are buying for, a gift idea or what you bought, and then you can either give yourself a budget or write down what you spent to keep track of spending!

All of the above printables are incredibly useful and were all retrieved from this site, which has many more printables to offer (Holiday and Home) and all are for free. A great and efficient way to get everything organized!

I decided to include a few other sites that have some great printables. Depending what you're looking for, these sites, as well as the other mentioned, should be a huge help!

Useful websites for other home organizing printables:
Tip Nut- Make a Household Notebook
Lovely Little Snippets- Cute and Simple Holiday Printables

December will be dedicated entirely to Christmas and the planning of. I told my fiance' that this year, i am not doing anything home or project related in the month of December unless it is related to Christmas. I am going to spend the whole month finishing decorating, making yummy sweet treats, sending out cards, and coming up with great gifts!

This means that all my posts for the next month will be solely related to the holiday and preparing for it! check back to see the recipe for my homemade hot cocoa, a cute idea for hanging Christmas cards, holiday basket idea for the hard-to-buy people, and any sweet treats and holiday awesomness I do along the way! Hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and I will be back soon with the start of my month of Christmas!!

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