Friday, November 16, 2012

Fast and Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape! Enjoy a beautiful table with little effort for the holiday!

Thanksgiving seems to come and go very quick around my house! We do so much preparing and decorating for Halloween and then just as Thanksgiving is approaching, we are trying to the same preparing and decorating for Christmas!

This year, Thanksgiving will NOT be lost among the other holiday hustle and bustle. We are making sure to keep our holidays separate and celebrating Thanksgiving solely by itself.... (But, don't get me wrong, the day after Thanksgiving, up goes our tree!).

 To help keep our house festive specifically for Thanksgiving, I decided to do a very simple and pretty autumn inspired tablescape!

 This tablescape was put together easily and without much time at all! Most of these things I had from various occasions or previous years.

Mostly, these items were used in my Halloween tablescape (click here for Halloween tablescape). I just removed the spooky or gross items, and added in a few autumn or Thanksgiving extras!

This above view shows you what this tablescape basically consists of. I used an dull orange "placemat" that I folded in half, so it would only be in the middle of the table and not stretching across. I have a small silver platter (not real, $1 at dollar store) that I covered with a leaf plate(on clearance at Walmart- $3!) and several small foam gourds that I also found at the dollar store. it was a small pack of 5 for $1. I added a string of fall colored leaves around the outside of the platter (fall leaves- $1 at dollar store)
 I finished it off with a turkey "bowl" (the label says bowl but I used it as a candle holder) in the center, which was on clearance at Walmart for $3 and I also had 4 pumpkin candles from previous years and I used one in each corner of the placemat.
 The added bonus was that I also found this really cute leaf napkin holder on clearance at Walmart for $3! We actually needed a napkin holder and until I find a more general use one that I like, this works great for the season!

 This tall bird's eye view shows that even a gorgeous tablescape can look amazing without taking up too much space. I have a big family and we all sit at the table to eat, so we clearly have enough room, even with enjoying the beautiful decor!
As you can see, my son loves sitting at the table (and jumping in my pictures with his smiles!). This festive table is perfect for something small with a lot of pop. It's perfect for the season, easy to put together(and take down), and very affordable! Feel free to try this tablescape for your Thanksgiving dinner or maybe get cre8tive and toss some other things in there too! Enjoy your holiday and have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Gobble gobble!!

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