Monday, November 5, 2012

Queen of Hearts Mani and Julep's November Box!!

 So Halloween just passed and this year, my entire family dressed up. We have been trying to get everyone involved the past few years. The hubby and I went as Alice in Wonderland Characters. He was the Mad Hatter and I was the Queen of Hearts. I did my mani with red french tips, lined the smile line with gold. I used black to create whimsical black stripes then hearts on my accent nails (thumb and ring). Topped it all off with a healthy coat of glitter, for extra sparkle! I liked how there turned out because they definitely matched my costume but without being too specific. I was able to enjoy this mani a few days before and after! Warning! Super cute family photo from Halloween coming!! :-)

BUT now that Halloween passed for the year... Julep's November box came! If you are not familiar or signed up with Julep, check the info I provide at the end to learn how to sign up and whats involved! But for now, let me show you what I got for this month!

First off, they always send a cute little package that is wrapped beautifully and they also send extra little goodies with each box. Sometimes they are nail goodies, as you can see from November's box, I got nail polish remover pads. But other times they have sent candy or glitter, even a lip balm! It's always a nice surprise! :-) 

 They also include a cute, usually inspirational, quote that is fitting for the time. Thanksgiving is coming and this quote discusses being thankful, makes sense right?
 Two of the products I received were polishes. Nora, which is a deep metallic-style purple, and Hailee, which is a deep metallic-style green. Both boast on being "Matte Suede Finish" meaning that once they dry, the polish has a dull, lusterless finish with no gloss to it. For some polishes and colors, this is an awesome thing because the texture of the polish can really change how the color looks. In this month's box was also a Matte top coat, which is also awesome because it give ANY polish a matte finish! This is cool because if you don't know whether you will like matte polishes, you can get a matte top coat, and use any polish!
 RIGHT TO LEFT(Hailee with glossy top coat, Hailee without topcoat, Nora with glossy top coat, Nora without top coat)
 Putting them side by side like this shows how you can clearly see the difference when adding a glossy top coat as opposed to a matter finish.
 Honestly, I think both finished for these polishes are gorgeous! Matte or glossy, these colors are a great addition for fall and winter manis!
 Which color do you like better? Which finish do you like better? I usually go glossy but some colors matte are just amazing!

 Julep is pretty amazing! To become a Julep Maven, it's only $19.99 every month and they send you a box, like the one pictured above. These polishes sell for $14 EACH but you get 2-3 polishes in each box for $20 a month! Plus, let's not forget those little extras and goodies I mentioned earlier (candy, makeup products, extra nail goodies). You can skip a month, and not get a box or get billed, or you can even send it to a friend one month! That is really cool because that means there is no obligation. Don't like the polishes for next month? No problem! Skip that month! :-)   They really make it easy to attain great polish at an affordable price!

To cash in now, become a Julep Maven and get your first Julep box for only 1 penny, yes 1 penny! Click THIS LINK here to sign up and start enjoying the wonderful world of Julep! Use the Promo code COLOR2012 to get your first box for only 1 cent, 1 single penny and free shipping!! :-)


  1. love your costumes! I got the It Girl Box also, can't wait to get it in the mail! These colors look great :)

    1. Thank you and yes, the colors are great for the fall! And the pictures don't do them their deserved justice :-)

  2. Those Julep colors look really pretty :) I passed this month thou :( sad panda

    1. Aww well hopefully, the next box you get is amazing so it will be worth it! :-)