Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Julep's December "It Girl" Box!!

I posted about Julep before and it only seems right that since I get it monthly, I can allow you to view what I receive each month! Maybe some of you can really see what they provide and it may sway you into joining Julep yourself!

To check out November's "It Girl" box from Julep, click HERE but for now, let's get into the box I got for December and a few add-ons as well! More details for joining Julep and becoming a Maven are at the end/bottom of this post :-)

They always package each box very beautifully and usually include extra goodies!

An inspirational quote of some type is always in the box, and most are fitting for the time of year. Because it is December, they also include a Sweet Stripe peppermint candy, YUM

Julep also usually includes a little card that has mani or nail design ideas using the colors in your box!

This month, they included a small gift! It's called a cabochon ring. It has a detached "jewel" that you paint on one side and stick into the ring, secure it, and see the gorgeous color on your ring! I haven't decided how to do mine yet but I am super excited!

 And finally, the heart of the ocean, the reason I became a Maven- The gorgeous polishes! This month, they were all some type of glitter polish for the holiday season. Each polish has a different type of glitter texture, consistency, and application!

Blue glitter/shimmer polish with purple tints
 The first polish is this gorgeous blue micro-glitter/shimmer color and it's called IVY. Ivy is a beautiful cobalt blue color with hints on purple shimmer. It has a seemingly metallic-type look to it but not in a tacky way at all.
 Ivy is very pretty! Covers the nail well and can easily stand on it's own! The above picture was two coats and it covered the nail pretty well. For any blue-lovers, this is a must have for your polish collection!
Sea foam green jelly base with gold, green, blue and silver glitters
 The next polish is this sea-colored multi-glitter polish and it is named HARPER. Harper is a jelly-based polish with a light sea-green color and tons of iridescent glitters, including green, gold, blue, and silver.
 I think Harper is absolutely beautiful! This polish very much reminds me of a mermaid's tail! Although the base is semi-sheer, this polish looks amazing on its own. However, I can imagine that layered over another green or even a blue, would look fabulous!
A multi-dimensional gold glitter polish with a gold micro-glitter base
 The last polish in this month's Julep box is this gold glitter polish and the name is VIVIEN. Vivien is a beautiful micro-gold glitter with gold hexagons. It is described as a "full coverage" polish... but I disagree on that one.
 Vivien is a stunning gold glitter polish BUT I would not recommend this polish as a "full coverage" polish or to stand on it's own. The micro-glitter in the polish is simply not enough for full coverage unless you did maybe 3-4 coats...maybe. I think as a layering polish, this would be gorgeous! Just getting the hex pieces situated can be a pain but that is to be expected with any chunky glitter polish.

 Overall, I am still very happy with my box! All of these colors are beautiful and each glitter polish will have a different use and give a different kind of sparkle! I can't wait to pick out which one I am going to use first
Julep provides nail polish to your home, no shopping or leaving. Once you sign up and establish your personality profile, they will ship you a monthly box for $19.99. The box contains between 2-3 polishes and sometimes other goodies or extra polish. I have gotten lip balm, foot cream, candy(can't forget the candy!), cute makeup bags, etc. They really make sure you get your money's worth for the $20!

It's also no obligation, you can cancel anytime, or skip a month...or you can send your box to a friend or family member! I have been a Maven for about 6-7 months now and I love it!

 To join today, click this link and use the promo code COLOR2012 to get your first Julep Maven box for only 1 penny! Make sure to get in on using this promo code before it expires and get your first box for only one cent!

What do you think about these colors for the holiday season? Which is your favorite?

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