Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Painting Series!- Series #1- Old Changing table transformed into modern boy's dresser!

One of my favorite ways to make something look completely new or different is to paint it! You can have so much fun with the different colors combinations, accenting with your favorite colors, or just creating a new feel to a certain room! Painting can also be a cost-effective way to really add a clean look to something without just replacing it! Aside from those things, painting is relatively easy and sometimes, downright fun!

The hubby and I have been doing lots of different painting jobs around the house so I am going to document and post, whether it's good or bad, you get to see what we got into and how well it turned out.

Our first painting job to tackle, we decided, was this old changing table. It is worn, has old stickers on it, and the "knobs" were mostly broken! We use this a dresser for our son, and this was given to us. So we figured we would paint it to better match our son's room and personality AND it will look more like a dresser, haha

Old Changing Table-We use as a dresser

Making sure you have your needed supplies together is #1. Besides the normal paint and brush utensils, Painter's tape is a must! It helps with straight lines and effect! You'll see why it is a NEEDED item for this project.

These were the old, half-broken "knobs" from the dresser I described above. Very ugly, most are broken and  obviously dated. I am holding onto them for a little while, just to see if I can think of a way to re-purpose these. Any suggestions? Post below! If I think of a use or hear a great one, that will be another post :-)

The next thing was taping off each thing I was going to paint...

We went paint crazy and started on the dresser before I got a tape picture BUT there are these inset areas on this old changing table, one on each side and one along the backboard, as pictured. We taped of those inset areas, which you can see the painter's tape in this picture, even though our paint is blue too! lol

The pic below shows the inset area on the side, and the blue painter's tape going around the edge of the inset area.

 Besides those inset areas, the rest of the frame for the dresser was painted a softer blue. The actual paint color, if interested, is called SOFT SAPPHIRE. I think a shade or two deeper would have been better but I do like this color and I didn't want it too dark.

 Once the blue dried completely, we removed the tape THEN taped around the outside of the blue, so we could paint the inset areas without going into the blue we already laid! Notice the green smudge at the bottom of this side inset is on the painter's tape, not the dresser :-)
 We painted all of those inset areas AND the fronts of the drawers in this nice green color which is called FOREST GREEN. Both paints were by Glidden.

We waited until the paint was completely dry and then removed the tape again. One we added the new knobs onto the drawers and put everything back in, it was like a whole new piece of furniture!

 I love how the colors play off each other and these are my son's 2 favorite colors! The colors really pop and help add some personality to his room. We plan to paint his bookshelf green, to match :-)

 I really am amazed at how great it looks! It looks like a $500 dresser, and it only cost us about $30 to get this look! We were given the changing table, so all we bought was paint. And now my son has an awesome and modern dresser. This same idea can work with many pieces of furniture and tons of color combinations!

 Let me know what you think of this painting project! Do you like the color combo? What furniture do you have that can totally be changed with just a coat of paint?

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